Who was content creator of the year 2020?

Rachell Rae Hofstetter, better known as Valkyrae, is an American Internet personality. She was named video game creator of the year. In his defense, many of his fans have been using this reason to justify not winning the Content Creator of the Year award. This is the content creator of the year, which means going up on YouTube and what not and getting a lot of views, this is not the streamer of the year.

Valkyrae has been one of the most successful streamers this year and has been producing quality content on a regular basis, particularly in the area of Among Us. Dream has more than 27 million subscribers on YouTube, where he shares Minecraft fast race videos and other Minecraft-related content. Throughout the year, live streaming across many platforms has seen audience spikes, with a new wave of content creators moving forward and others continuing to grow. However, in most online responses, there seems to be a misunderstanding of the term Content Creator of the Year meaning Streamer of The Year, which is what has provoked most xQc fans.

In the Content Creator of the Year category, the five nominees included live streamers Valkyrae, NICKMERCS, Alanah Pearce, TimtheTatman and Jay Ann Lopez.

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