What earns the most on onlyfans?

Platform dollar earnings per month. Actress and creator Bella Thorne ranked second, with an estimated $11 million earned per month on the platform. Love Island actress Megan Barton Hanson created and posted the sexy, spicy, adult content to her onlyfans account. She earns about a million dollars on that alone.

OnlyFans pays 80% to creators and keeps 20% of the profits as a commission. OnlyFans keeps 20% of creators' profits. American model and businesswoman Angela Renée White positions herself as the person who earns the most on Onlyfans. To access his content, you must pay $19.99 as a fee, his profile has 16.2 million subscribers and 151 publications.

Top 20 baddest real-life celebrities according to fans The list of top earners OnlyFans shows how the social media platform has quickly taken over the industry. However, users should not be pressured either. They protested OnlyFans by banning sexually explicit content from the platform, and the planned policy change had to be withdrawn. Some of the highest-paid OnlyFans creators would have lost the source of income if they had succeeded.

In addition to monthly fan subscriptions, OnlyFans earnings come from referrals, pay-per-view, and one-time tips. OnlyFans can be said to be one of the most important moments of his career, as he is among the highest earners on the platform. Attributing the rapid growth mainly to the pandemic, some of Onlyfans' most popular creators have now been able to earn up to $1 million in one day. We saved the best for last and, based on what these people earn on OnlyFans, I present you 3 of the best Onlyfans accounts.

Like most social media platforms, OnlyFans top winners have a large following and can consistently create authentic content. This famous American singer who is only 29 years old wins third place thanks to her 81.7 million subscribers. The most popular media stories about the top OnlyFans winners earning more than a million dollars a day attract thousands of new content creators to this London-based platform. Of course, I must emphasize that the highest earning profiles within the Onlyfans platform are those aimed at creating adult-related content, where the body is shown and without filters.

Ranked third among the highest-earning creators on OnlyFans, this young North American woman is not far behind in terms of earnings, the actress, singer and film producer has a subscription to her page of 9.99 USD in which she has just over 24.3 million subscribers. A content-based subscription platform, OnlyFans is an online destination to earn money directly from users or fans who subscribe for a month to view the creator's content. The top 1% accounts make around 33% of the money the site earns, as can be seen by the top 10 OnlyFans winners based on the monthly revenue listed by Influencer Marketing Hub. Many of them talk about how difficult it is to make decent money on the platform, since much of it is based on being able to build followers.

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